What Does 3d-Printed Guns Mean In Australia?

3D Printed Guns and the history in Australia – What are the risks? We do not need statistics to convince us that shooting incidents have risen to alarming heights. There are countries where gun laws are lax that even mentally-unstable individuals can have a gun. While there are calls for stricter gun control, gun enthusiasts […]

Household Tech Protection

A typical home nowadays has several types of devices. There would be a laptop, desktop, smartphone and a tablet. A minimum level of tech savviness is required by our current lifestyle. Not everybody has the time to engage in long telephone conversations and thanks to instant messaging, we can communicate with family, friends and colleagues […]

Uses for 3D Printing

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a process of transforming a digital file into a three- dimensional solid object. This object is created by printing successive layers of materials until the intended object is formed. 3D printing allows the production of complex shapes with less materials compared to traditional methods of manufacture. Since its invention […]